Man 'who went out of his way to look after others' died in chip pan house fire

A coroner issued a stark warning about smoke alarms during an inquest into Robert Costello's death
A man was killed in a house fire after putting a chip pan on and falling asleep, an inquest has heard.Robert Costello, 66, returned to his home in Wenlock Grove, Hindley, in the early hours of August 21, 2021, after going for drinks at a local pub.
Just after 2am, his next door neighbour noticed some smoke in their home and rang the fire brigade.
When fire crews arrived, they initially checked the neighbour’s home and found that there was no battery in the smoke alarm.
He added that there was “zero visibility” in the house because of the smoke levels.
His pet dog also died in the blaze.
Pathologist Dr David Barker carried out a post mortem on Mr Costello's body and recorded ‘smoke inhalation’ as the medical cause of his death.


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