Where do I call to get CPR classes?
Call the CPR Information Line at (253)529-7203 for class information.

What do I do with old gasoline/oil/paint that I don't want?
In King County, call Househo
ld Hazardous Waste at (206)296-4692 and in Pierce County, call 1-800-287-6429.

How do I get a copy of a fire investigation report?
Call the Fire Prevention Receptionist at (253)839-6234 during normal business hours.

How do I get information about the Juvenile Firesetter Program?
Call the Public Education Office at (253)946-7247 or

How do I get a fire permit?
Very strict rules apply to outdoor burning within the greater Puget Sound region, primarily due to air pollution rules. For information on Recreational Fire Permits, call the Fire Prevention Receptionist at (253)839-6234 during normal business hours.

Do you get cats out of trees/telephone poles/off of roofs?
No. Try opening a can of tuna and waiting for the cat to get down on its own.

Where can I go to get my blood pressure checked?
At any fire station during normal business hours.

How can I schedule a fire truck or a firefighter at my function? Call the Public Education Office at (253)946-7247 or
946-7246 for information and scheduling.

Who do I call about a fire extinguisher that doesn't work?
Check the Yellow Pages under Fire Extinguishers.

Why do so many fire apparatus respond to simple incidents?
Fire Department units are dispatched according to information received by the 9-1-1 operator. The Fire Department thinks cautiously when they respond to citizens in need of help. In other words, the firefighters are prepared to deal with the worst that could happen. They are fast, well-trained and pleasant in their response. A computer selects the closest unit to respond to an incident. The fire department's philosophy is to get our firefighters there as soon as possible. The first unit on the scene may not be an advanced life support unit (a unit with paramedics). Therefore, such a unit also may be responding. There may be three fire department vehicles on the scene for what appears to be a "simple" incident. However, in emergency services we have learned that if we assume something is "simple," we can be horribly mistaken. Plus, we respond as fast as we can prepared to encounter the worst. The winner in these situations will always be the citizen who needs help.

How come I see fire trucks with full lights and sirens go through a red light at intersections and then, after they go through, they turn off their lights and slow down?
As explained in the previous answer, sometimes several units are dispatched to the same incident. The first unit may have arrived on the scene, surveyed the situation and informed the dispatcher that the situation was under control. All other responding units were cancelled and put back into service, ready to take another call. Most likely, when you see an emergency vehicle go "Code Red" (lights and siren) through an intersection and then slow down and turn the emergency lights off, they have been cancelled from the call they were going on.

How can I become a firefighter?
Call our Human Resources Office at (253)946-7255 for hiring information or check our Employment Opportunities page for information.

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