We issue various types of permits in an effort to improve the fire and life safety of the people that live and work in Federal Way. This section describes the different types of permits and how to get one. For more information please call the phone number listed below, or contact us.

The Federal Way Fire Department issues permits for various functions and processes listed in the Uniform Fire Code, (UFC). It is the Department’s policy to enforce the permit requirements set forth in the Fire Code, the Building Code and King County Fire Prevention Standards or City of Federal Way Ordinances. The conditions of the permits must conform to the applicable standards and or ordinances.

The reasons for requiring the UFC permit are to ensure the public’s safety and prevent fires. Large gatherings of people require extra care so they can exit in an emergency for example. A repair garage that uses a cutting and welding torch requires additional safeguards to prevent fire and injury. The permit is considered permission to maintain, store or handle hazardous materials, or to conduct a process which produce conditions hazardous to life or property, or to install equipment used in connection with such activities. Permits are required for public assembly (gatherings for more than 50 people), storage or use of flammable liquids, welding and cutting operations dry cleaning operations, spraying or dipping (using flammable or combustible liquids), etc.

Once you apply for a permit, a fire inspector will visit the site to determine if a permit is required. The inspector will also decide if any changes need to be made to make the occupancy safe, and meet the requirements in the Fire Code. If any problems are found, the fire inspector will work with the staff at the occupancy to help correct them. The inspector will then leave a permit application with the staff at the occupancy. Once the application is returned to the fire department, a permit will be issued. This permit is valid for a period of one year. Each year, a fire inspector will visit the site to assist the management in looking for fire hazards. This process will assist the staff in keeping their business a safe place. Remember if you have a fire or a major accident, you will likely be out of business for an extended period of time. Our goal is to prevent those fires and injuries!

To obtain a new permit or information on renewal of your current permit, please call (253) 839-6234, and ask for the Fire Prevention Division.  The Fees for the permits vary based on the process or hazardous material, but they are based upon the fee schedule listed in the Uniform Fire Code.

Most outdoor burning is controlled by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, (formerly known as the Puget Sound Air Pollution Control Agency). The Federal Way Fire Department does allow outdoor cooking fires. These are small fires, (three feet in diameter and two feet in height), used solely for the cooking of food. The applicant must have a safe area to burn and meet other fire safety requirements. Fires for religious ceremonies are also allowed. These fires must meet similar standards as the cooking fires to maintain fire safety. A permit for outdoor burning is required and can be obtained free of charge at our Fire Station located at 31617 1st Ave So. during normal business hours.

Campfires at recreation areas are allowed at any time without a permit. Examples of designated recreation areas are Dash Point State Park and Camp Killworth Boy Scout Camp.

Fires for disposing of yard waste or clippings is not normally allowed by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency. Our residents have many options available, including use of a wood chipper, bundling the debris and recycling as yard waste, or taking it to a recycling center.

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