A mission statement defines the purpose of an organization - why it exists.  We feel that a mission statement should be easy to understand, yet clearly identify our purpose in our community. 

We Help People
by responding with professional fire department services

A vision statement should identify an organization's view of its future.  In addition to the vision noted below, we have identified a number of steps (strategic initiatives) that will help us achieve our vision.   These initiatives are identified in our strategic plan page in this web site.
To be recognized by our community and our peers as a regional leader in providing quality fire department services


These guiding principles represent the values that our employees embody as they work with each other and with the citizens that they serve.

Meet or exceed the customers needs
Perform your duties safely
Keep it clean and professional
Be honest, respectful, loyal and communicate openly
Help each other succeed
Continually improve your skills
Be prepared to perform
Help to provide achievable solutions
Never walk past a mistake
Be responsible for your actions
Finish what you start
Take care of each other, treat each other with respect
Follow the rules
Serve with pride
Support these guiding principles

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