The Information Systems Division is responsible for the Department’s Computer Network Infrastructure operations and maintenance.

The Federal Way Fire Department’s Personal Computer Network has significantly grown over the past few years. The network infrastructure now consists of a LAN/WAN schema with six servers, 36 workstations, five laptops, and an eight-workstation computer lab. We also continue to maintain our UNIX network, which is primarily dedicated to South Com for Computer Aided Dispatching and the Fire Prevention Division for Occupancy Inspection history and tracking.

Network Administrator Hired

In April, Joe Ganem IV was hired as our new Network Administrator for the ongoing maintenance and upgrades of our PC Network.

Prior to joining Federal Way Fire Department, Joe had been employed as a network administrator for the Federal Way School District and Avenue A, an Internet advertising company.

Major Projects

The major projects completed this past year include: deployment of two new servers and eight new workstations; software upgrades of Microsoft Outlook 2000, Internet Explorer 5.5, and Norton Anti-virus throughout the organization; and implementation of a Watchguard Firefox II Firewall, which helps protect our data from malicious attacks from the Internet.

SunPro Preparation Continues

The IS Department continued its preparation for the new SunPro Record Management System that was scheduled to be operational by mid-2000. Due to stability issues, we decided to postpone deployment until April 2001. This should give the developer sufficient time to work out any incompatibilities or bugs.COMMUNICATIONS:  B/C Grant Gaspard

The Federal Way Fire Department operates an emergency communications center known as “South Com.” South Com dispatches emergencies for the Federal Way Fire Department, SeaTac Fire Department, North Highline Fire District, Normandy Park Police Department and two King County Medic One paramedic units.

Total alarms processed by our dispatchers in 2000 are broken down as follows:

Federal Way Fire Department                                        9,471                                 35.6%
Medic One (paramedic units)                                         5,520                                 20.7%
North Highline Fire District                                            4,251                                 15.9%
Normandy Park Police Department                                3,959                                 14.8%
SeaTac Fire Department                                                3,379                                 12.7%

Center Totals                                                                26,580                               100%

South Com Celebrates 9-1-1 Day

On 9/11, our department recognized South Com for the work they do throughout the year. Nationwide, the day was set aside to honor all public safety communicators.

South Com personnel are the intial point of contact for emergency services, impacting the lives of citizens on a daily basis. They provide direction to those who don’t know who else to turn to in an emergency.

The average time for a dispatcher to process fire department related emergency calls in 2000 was 48.39 seconds.

South Com Agreement Signed

In September, the South Com Impact Negotiations Agreement was passed by Local 2024 and signed by the Board of Commissioners. Among other items, the agreement outlined the terms of how dispatchers could become firefighters within the department. Six dispatchers successfully completed the process and will transfer into the LEOFF system in 2001.

Transition Meetings Continue

Throughout the year, we met with personnel from Valley Com to identify the issues inherent in transferring our dispatch operations to a different location. Over the next year and a half, work will continue to make the transition as transparent and successful for our organization and employees as possible.

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