FINANCE AND PERSONNEL: Carolyn Thomas, Personnel Coordinator

Two accounting technicians, under the supervision of the Personnel Coordinator, are responsible for payroll, accounts payable/receivable, and budget/financial reporting. They also answer non-emergency telephones and greet the public in the absence of the front desk secretary. Personnel records, insurance, and all human resource functions are the responsibility of the Personnel Coordinator who is also the Secretary to the Board of Commissioners. Support is provided to the Administrative team by the division.

Highlights of 2000

New Finance System Implemented

The accounting technicians faced a challenging year learning and implementing a brand-new finance system. This was necessary because the old program was not Y2K-compliant. “We survived” is their answer to what the significant events of the year were. They are to be congratulated for the smooth transition. 

New Personnel On Board

Joe Eliason, Wendy Chinn and Brenda Pfander started their professional firefighting careers with Federal Way on April 10. Eliason had been a resident firefighter since 1995. All have become valued members of the department.

Another addition to the department was Joe Ganem, who took on the Network Administrator position in May. Technology has become such an integral part of our daily lives and the fire department is no exception, so it was necessary that we have someone to manage the NT-based network and related technologies. 

Food and Toy Drive Meets with Success

The 2000 Food and Toy Drive was another resounding success and turned out to be bigger and better than ever. Volunteers from several community service groups, businesses and fire department personnel delivered food, toys and poinsettias to more than 100 families, including 365 children, to brighten their holiday season.

Safety Committee Continues Work

One of the essential and ongoing committees in the department is the Safety Committee.  Members meet at a different fire station every other month to discuss safety-related items, determine whether injuries and accidents that occur are preventable or not, find ways to prevent accidents and injuries in the future, and do a safety tour of the station. Members and a new chair are elected each year. The committee is made up of five members from the Union, two non-contract personnel, and three from Administration.

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