At the 2000 Awards Banquet, the department recognized several individuals, some for career achievements, others for outstanding accomplishments throughout the year.

In addition to department members and Fire Commissioners, many guests and elected officials were in attendance. They included: Senator Tracey Eide, Representative Mark Miloscia, and Federal Way Councilmembers Linda Kochmar, Jeanne Burbidge and Dean McColgan.

Special Presentation

As a special presentation, Chief of Operations Al Church received a Minnesota Vikings helmet autographed by Dante Culpepper, Chris Carter and Robert Smith. The award, given by the administrative team, recognized Church’s years of dedication to both the department and the Vikings.

During the banquet, annual awards were presented to the following individuals:

Annual Awards
Firefighter of the Year: John Moncrief
Officer of the Year: Pat Kettenring, John Riley
Employee of the Year (Non-combat): Donna Conner, Sam Hooker
Sustained Excellence: Tom Batten, Sr.
M.O.L.E. (Makes Our Lives Easier): Joe Perusse, Jeff Bellinghausen
Marcel Trotignon Award / volunteer: Bob Perry
Effie Mae Parker Award / non-department member: Judy Harmon, Weyerhaeuser
William Martin Community Service Award: Kevin Crossen

Retirement Plaques
Captain John Rickert
32 years of dedicated service

Firefighter Doug Waller
24 years of dedicated service

Promotion Certificates
Grant Gaspard – Battalion Chief – 3/1/00
Steve Gentry – Captain – 3/16/00
Aaron Weeks – Lieutenant – 4/16/00
Bob Kocourek – Training Officer – 4/9/00
Chris England – Lieutenant – 1/1/01
Dave Michaels – Lieutenant – 1/1/01

Service Recognition Plaques
20 years of service – 1980-2000
Mark McNally
Chris Ingham

25 years of service – 1975-2000
Bob Poague

30 years of service – 1970-2000
Lee Grilley
Chuck Kahler

Recognition of Excellence

Throughout 2000, the following individuals were recognized for their achievements.
Medal of Valor
Cole Kiphart, 1991 Structure Fire Attempted Rescue
For outstanding performance involving personal risk attempting to rescue a reported child trapped in a December 1991 house fire. Kiphart and Resident Firefighter Mark Colson were caught in a flashover as they exited the building under rapidly deteriorating conditions. Later, it was the learned the “child” was a mentally ill adult child of the homeowner who had left the building.

Medal of Merit
Sven Schievink, 2000 Rescue
For outstanding and/or exemplary action with regard to the safety of Department members for coordinating an emergency scene involving ropes and rescue techniques for a man suffering a broken leg. Schievink’s knowledge and leadership maintained a level of safety for both the crew and the patient.

Distinguished Service Medal
Grant Gaspard, Information System Implementation
For reconstructing and upgrading the department’s computer network with minimal service disruption, including reducing vendor costs from approximately $50,000 per year to nearly $0.

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